Kas is a revolutionary CRM system for the management and daily operation of model agencies world wide. It combines a cloud-based and user-friendly desktop frontend and a iOS mobile app for the models. Watch the video below and know more.

Cutting Edge technology + First class user experience

Kas revolutionary front-end provides the best user experience and technology to your business. Its interface allows fast and easy management of models, clients, events and calendar tasks, among an array of other features. The mobile app lets you communicate and synchronize events with your models in real-time, but if some of them don't have a smartphone, they still can receive notifications via SMS.

Kas iPhone
Kas iMac

A myriad of power tools

After two years of development in conjunction with a partner agency, we have created a set of tools that any model agency could think of or would love to have.

They were created to simplify and accelerate specific daily tasks such as locating specific models or contacts, sending job or events notifications to models and contacting them, visualizing analytics with real-time information about models, clients and events, among many others.

Some of these tools are targeted to the business owner, while others were built with the booker or the model in mind.

Explore some of Kas tools through the icons on the left and know a bit more about each of them. For a full and in-depth access to Kas and its library of tools, please contact us and arrange a trial account or product demo.

Multiuser calendar

Paper is still largely used to organize the daily operation of fashion agencies worldwide. Our challenge was to digitally recreate an interactive and modern version of the paper calendar format used by model agencies. Information can be searched and accessed much quickier and nothing is ever lost. Real-time updates and notifications shared by multiple users enhances the daily work, security and work speed.

Model tracking

One of the biggest worries of any model agency is to make sure that their models will be at the right place at the right time. Delays and no-shows directly affect the business income and reputation. To solve that, Kas allows real-time location tracking of models using the iOS app. With such tool, agencies can help when models get lost or when they face any problem while heading to their castings or jobs.

Multimedia portfolios

Models' portfolios are a key element of the model agency business model. Unbelievably, some agencies still send JPEG or AVI files attached to manually-written emails to their clients. Kas puts an end to this rudimentary process by offering an organized media platform that can share photos and videos to clients and to the models mobile app.

iOS & SMS ready

The iOS app is the other side of Kas. Besides allowing instant communication between the agency and its models, the app delivers events and jobs updates to the model's mobile schedule. The app also carries a lookbook of photos and allows the model to share her location with the agency, among other functions.

Traditional phones can be used as well. Kas connects with regional SMS gateways and allows bookers to send messages, jobs or event updates to their models, no matter what kind of device they use.

Promote your models

Another part of a model agency daily operation is to make sure that your clients are aware of your human assets. With a all-in-one solution, Kas includes electronic promotion tools, which allows your staff to quickly identify and select specifc models that are "attractive" to specifc clients.

The power of analytics

It is common for businesses of any kind to utilize and try integrate different solutions and products specialized for different aspects of the business, such as finance, marketing and human resources. In most cases, different solutions made by different providers end up working not that well.

We understand that, and thinking from a business owner point of view, we have developed a native, integrated analytics that can give the sharpest and most up to date picture of numbers around the business present and history.

Available anytime anywhere

As a cloud-based solution, Kas benefits from Amazon cloud infra-structure, which makes all data and information securely stored and available anytime, anywhere. No matter where your agency is located, we will always have a server instance close to where you are, offering you superior speed and performance.

The access of your digital agency environment is encripted with 256 bit SSL connection and your data is constantly backed-up and secured at private and independent servers.

Multilingual support

Your language, culture or location are not a problem. The database and desktop system are fully compatible with both Roman or Asian characters, such as used in Chinese, Japanese or Thai langages. Hebrew and Arabic characters are also supported.

On the model's side, the iOS app can be customized in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian coming soon.

Send emails professionaly

Kas incorporates a myriad of electronic communication tools which allows the creation of blast-mails, newletters or digital albums delivered directly to the clients' inbox or mobile device. Your electronic communications with your clients are customized with your agency identity, establishing a consistent and professional look for your business and saving a great amount of manual work.

Social media-ready

Social media tools all inclusive - Kas allows your models to share their album photos at their personal social media accounts and it also allows the agency to professionaly share models and event updates at their official social media streams in a efficient way.

Find things easily

Searching for information is a basic yet critical requirement in any kind of business database, and things tend to get even more complex when searches involve different types of objects or results. Kas incorporates a myriad of search tools and content filters that provide real-time visual feedback with superior usability and ease of access.

Two-way communication

One of the beauty of Kas is the presence of two-way communication between the agency and the models. The desktop system is able to receive real-time incoming messages from the models out there in the world. Models' messages are dispatched to specific bookers at the agency or they are delivered to the whole agency depending of the message's nature, sych as help or "I am lost" requests.

The philosophy behind Kas

Not having the latest technology isn't the only problem with most businesses nowadays. Technological ease of use is the core to create true efficiency and effectiveness. The modeling industry is no different; it lacks its own specific technological tool that can ease daily workflow - until now.

Complexity, simplified.

'Clarity via simplicity' is the motto behind Kas. It is a revolutionary system that comprehensively maintains and monitors one of the most dynamic business models or environments, with multiple players juggling and streamlining information.

Kas focuses on user interface interaction between modeling agencies, bookers and models. From the core, Kas is created to maintain and monitor daily workflow of a modeling agency - from booking and promoting models, liaising between models and clients, and helping models from abroad to feel at home.

In addition, unlike other typical CRM software that only focuses on functionality, Kas is built by creative minds for the creative industry. Our goal is simple - to serve and empower one of the most sophisticated and glamorous businesses in the world.

Jimmy K.W. Chan

Semeiotics, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a CRM?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is simply a strategy for managing a company's interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It utilizes technology to organize, simplify, and synchronize business processes.
  • Who uses Kas?

    Kas is a CRM system designed to be used by modeling agencies that want a well designed, functional and integrated solution that helps them focus more on running their businesses.
  • Is Kas free?

    No. Kas is a subscription based CRM system. However, the iOS app for Kas can be freely downloaded but is meant to work alongside Kas CRM system.
  • What are the system requirements for Kas? And what do I need to run Kas on my computer?

    Since Kas is a cloud-based CRM, only an up-to-date Internet browser and a stable broadband connection is required to take full advantage of Kas. The following Internet browsers are currently being supported: For CRM desktop operation: Browser plugin: Flash 10 or above Browsers: Internet Explorer 6+ (version 8 or above is recommended) Google Chrome 5.0+ (Mac and PC) Safari 3+ (Mac and PC) Firefox 3.0 or above For iOS app: iPhone requirements (iPhone 4S+ with iOS 7+)
  • What is cloud computing?

    Traditional business applications have always been very complicated and expensive to install locally in computers and/or servers. With cloud computing, there is virtually no installation. It eliminates a lot of the headaches because there are no management of hardware, software, updates and upgrades and it usually costs less as there are no heavy upfront costs. The only requirement is an Internet browser and a stable broadband connection.
  • Can I use Kas with a PC or a Mac?

    Yes. Please see above question on system requirements.
  • Can I customize Kas?

    Yes. You can customize your agency logo, name, interface, incoming phone number for outgoing Short Message Service (SMS), email addresses, iOS app logo, agency information and so on.
  • How secure is Kas?

    Kas employs a 128bit encryption between our web servers and the clients' web browsers using the industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to create a uniquely encrypted channel for private communication over the public Internet. This is similar to what the bank uses for financial transactions. For more information, please refer to http://www.verisign.com/ssl/ssl-information-center/how-ssl-security-works/
  • Is there a limit to the number of bookers or models?

    No. Kas is able to accommodate vast numbers of bookers and models. You can also organize models into specific folders or groups in case there are simply too many to display.
  • Can I add videos, photos, composite and snap cards of my models to Kas?

    Yes. Kas allows you to upload high definition (MPEG) videos of your models alongside composite cards, snap cards and photos.
  • What do my models need in order for them to communicate with Kas?

    Kas works with any mobile phone that can receive SMS. But Kas works best with the Kas iOS app installed in iPhone 4S+ (with iOS 7+). We are currently working on Android and other mobile OS integration.
  • What if my models don't use iPhones?

    Kas works with any mobile phone that can receive SMS. But to take full advantage of Kas, iPhone 4S+ (with iOS 7+) is ideal.
  • Does Kas work on iPhones and/or iPads?

    Kas has a free iOS app that is available in the App Store for models to download. Once activated by the agency, the model will be able to receive job notifications, photo updates, announcements, useful agency information and user-consent location tracking by the agency. The Kas iOS app is optimized for iPhone 4S+ (with iOS 7+) with SMS support. Apart from receiving SMS, Kas works on the iPad* the same way as it does on the iPhone.
  • Does Kas iOS app integrates with social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter?

    Yes. In the current version, models are able to connect to Facebook and share personal photos, announcements and event check-ins on their iOS app. We are working on additional integrations for the CRM agency side.
  • Is my data backed up?

    Yes. Security is something that we take very seriously. You data are backed up on redundant servers on a daily basis.
  • What is the pricing?

    Get in touch with us.
  • Are there any extra charges when I use Kas?

    Apart from the monthly subscription fee for Kas, there are two extra charges that may incur.
    1. 1. Outgoing SMS messages, this is the cost per SMS sent to models.
    2. 2. Models' data plan for their individual iPhones.
  • What if I want to cancel my subscription?

    Get in touch with us.
  • Where can I get Kas?

    If you are interested in Kas, please email us at [email protected].
  • How do I contact Kas?

    For information enquiries, please email us at:
    [email protected]

    For sales enquiries, please email us at:
    [email protected]

    For technical support, please email us at:
    [email protected]